Monday, October 24, 2022

Coffeeneuring Ride 2: Staying Local

Coffee to go, sitting by the pier

We had a gorgeous Saturday for a ride... but I wasn't motivated to get on the bike. (That happens.) Unfortunately, the sunshine didn't carry over to Sunday for my coffee ride, and we had a gray morning before torrential rain moved in. I decided to stay local and did a loop through the town and ended up down by the water where I had a choice of four coffee stops. 

I ended up at the last one in the Humphrey Street row, the quirkily named  Zestfriendz. There was a small number of customers inside and plenty of seating, but I chose to take my tea to go and walked my bike down to the pier with my snack. (Tea, because I'd already had two cups of coffee a few hours earlier, and a lemon polenta shortbread cookie.) 

The cool, overcast sky added to the quiet stillness of the deserted harbor and pier. I hung out for a while, enjoyed my tea, and headed home. A restorative end to a busy week.

Gray Sunday