Monday, February 28, 2022

Farewell, February

We've had a whole lot of snow in February, interspersed with a few warm days giving us a taste of Spring. I've done more snowshoeing this month than I have riding, and still not consistently working out, but doing what I can. My brain is just a muddle and I'm still struggling to return to pre-pandemic me! It's been two steps forward, one step back, lately.

The weather has kept us from meeting at the track, but Donna and I have gone on several snowshoe hikes after the last few storms. (She's been sticking to her home workouts pretty consistently, which is amazing. Kudos to her!) And, in the absence of running and biking, I've been joining Mike or Will for long walks. It's great having Will home!

I'm trying to get back into training mode. The girls have been making race plans for the upcoming year, with some half triathlons and a full Ironman on the calendar. It's good to hear that some things are getting back to normal even if I'm not quite there yet. They've always been a giant leap ahead of me with this pandemic, anyway. I'm so far out of the loop I'm in a different zip code at this point. Lol.

Following Donna, late day snowshoe

February was a weird month, but isn't it always that way? Good intentions fell the wayside this month, but that's ok! Time to turn the page to March. It's a clean slate.

Taking long walks with Coach Will