Wednesday, April 22, 2020

30 Days of Biking, Through Snow, Rain, and Sunshine

Day 18, SNOW on April 18th. Crazy.
On April 18th, for the second time this week, we woke up to snow -- this time with temps cold enough for it to stick around. An inch covered the ground as I went for a quick ride while the snow was falling. Crossing Atlantic Ave towards the beach, I discovered the rain-snow line! (It was raining at the beach and snowing at the top of the hill on Beach Bluff Ave.) Riding home I could hear the morning birds chirping and a woodpecker knocking at a tree while the snow quietly fell. It was quite surreal.

Day 19,  The difference of a day. Sunshine and dry
streets. (Pic 1)
Day 19, Morning sunshine on Marblehead Harbor.
(Pic 2)
Day 20, wet and damp today. The buds are popping!
Day 21, hot colors on a cold day. My bike is well
hidden. (Pic 1)
Day 21 Detail from a shipping container wall
in Salem. (Pic 2)