Friday, April 24, 2020

30 Days of Biking, Rainy days and fried dough

Day 22, Happy Earth Day. Just hanging here with a pal.
Day 23, The Driftwood is open for takeout only, with their famous
fried dough available every day during the shutdown. (Pic 1)
We've had alternating days of rain and sun and I'm happy to be in the final stretch of 30 Days of Biking. My rides haven't been very ambitious or varied, but a few stops along the way make it interesting. On Tuesday, Earth Day, I stopped by Ware Pond to see the ducks. A goose came along and positioned himself right up beside my bike. (I had backed up a bit. I'm wary of geese.)

During Thursday's ride through town, I passed the Driftwood, which is normally crowded with townies on any given day. They are serving fried dough every day during the shutdown, which is a treat, so I stopped and ordered some and brought it home for the guys. (I ate a piece, first.)

Day 23, Not Gluten-free but delicious.
Driftwood fried dough. (Pic 2)
Day 24, Wet weather returns