Monday, February 10, 2020

Marblehead, Ohio

Fireflies on the Water, Kusama, Toledo Museum of Art
We've been "lucky" with the weather this year, depending on your perspective. On the plus side, the warmer temps and lack of snow has meant clean streets, allowing me to get out for road rides and training runs. (More on the running situation later). On the downside, it's been an ominous indication of climate change and that's worrisome.

Twenty one
But with January dragging, and absolutely zero snow on the horizon, I made a plan to drive out to Michigan to visit Will for his twenty-first birthday. 21! Of course Murphy's Law kicked in with a winter storm arriving the very day I left for Ann Arbor, making that fourteen hour drive tougher than it already is. I ended up in Westlake, Ohio for an overnight, giving me an awesome opportunity to visit the amazing Toledo Museum of Art the next morning. Such a beautiful museum.

After killing time at the museum while the boy wrapped up his Friday classes, I grabbed him in Ann Arbor and back tracked to Ohio. We spent the weekend near Lake Erie and Marblehead, Ohio. (How could we not?) Lake affect snow and ice covered much of the ground, making running nearly impossible, (I did pack my running gear), so it was a somewhat low-key weekend. We did a little exploring, driving around the Ohio countryside, stopping at a few small towns, really impressed with the friendly people and beautiful snow covered farmland... we love Ohio! It was a great escape.

Happy Birthday, Will!