Sunday, July 28, 2019

Exit Glacier Hike

Black bear spotted near Exit Glacier!
(Yes, I had a telephoto lens)
Hiking day! My calf was starting to feel a little better after a few days rest, so on Tuesday I decided to hike to Marmot Meadows at Exit Glacier. Ohmigosh I’m so glad I didn’t skip this hike! The minute I could see the glacier in the distance, I felt my adrenaline spike and I couldn’t wait to start hiking. Wow. Just, wow.

First glimpse of Exit Glacier
It was still fairly early in the morning when I arrived at Exit Glacier National Park, with only a few dozen cars in the parking lot. It wasn’t a difficult hike to start, but as it started to take on some elevation, I noticed another woman about 50 yards ahead of me stop and take a photo and move on. When I reached the same spot, there was a gorgeous view of the glacial fields below and I, too, stopped and took a photo. That scenario played out again... she stopped for a photo and then I stopped for a photo... until I caught up to her on the third photo op and we both laughed. Her name was Annie and we hiked and took photos together for the remainder of the trek to Marmot Meadows.

On our way back down the trail, we were thrilled to see a black bear in the distance! So, so cool. It wasn’t a threat to either of us but a reminder that we were in bear country — and I was glad I wasn’t alone.

When I returned back to base, I stopped at the visitor’s center for water, checked out the exhibits that included historical photos of the glacier, (which sadly is rapidly receding), and made a donation towards the park’s conservation efforts. No doubt the next time I visit, if that opportunity ever comes, it will be a much different place. So sad.

Exit Glacier