Thursday, May 23, 2019

Run, Ride, Run Some More

Training is going ok for the Alaskaman XTri coming up in six weeks. (OMG! Only six weeks left?!) I’m trying not to stress out but I AM actually worried. I feel woefully undertrained but not sure how to change it at this point. I feel so damned exhausted.

My weekly runs are now 4.5 miles Tuesday and Thursday, (Tuesday night swimming has ended for now but I hope to return after Alaska), with my long runs on the weekend at 6 miles. I have a 10K this Saturday and then progress to 7 miles the following weekend. It ramps up fast. I was given a major shot in the arm this week from the BOWZ gang when I joined them for my long run on Saturday, the Boston Brain Tumor Ride on Sunday, and my 4.6 mile run on Tuesday. Alison, Jennifer, and Amy kept me going — plus Jaclyn on Saturday’s run and Cate on Sundays ride. I really do get by with a little help from my friends.


Sunday’s Boston Brain Tumor Ride was a good one in terms of riding. I actually felt really good on the bike and rode the first ten miles with Jennifer and Amy, averaging a bit under 16 mph, to the first water stop. Since I was focused on my half marathon training this Spring, and spent less time on the bike than I would have liked, I planned to ride the 40 mile route with Cate rather than the metric century with Jennifer, Amy, and Alison — although I knew after the first ten miles I would have been fine for the metric. Maybe. Who knows. At any rate, I planned to ride with Cate and I stuck with that plan and met her at the first rest stop. I’m glad I did! Riding with Cate was a little slower, but I really enjoyed it. I loved chatting with her and riding a casual pace. It was only her third or fourth time on the bike this Spring, and soon after we split from the other ladies, she mentioned she’d be happy just riding 25. That was fine with me! It was a gorgeous route and we had a great ride through Concord, Lexington and Lincoln, arriving back at the start under heavy clouds. I then headed back out on the road to return to a barn I’d seen 4 miles into the morning start with a giant peace sign on the doors. I wanted a photo! The extra miles brought me up to 32 for the morning. I’m not unhappy with that.

It began to lightly rain as I headed back, turning into a steady rain soon after I finished. The unexpected weather put a bit of a damper on event activities as riders finished up soaking wet, cold, and shivering. Cate and I waited for the girls to get back and then we all drove to Starbucks for coffee and warmth. It was a nice ride for a great cause in memory of Alison’s mom, Charlene. Congrats to Team Noggin for raising $4,001 for the National Brain Tumor Society, and a sincere THANK YOU to Fred, Kathy, Mike and the boys their support and sponsorship. xoxoxo

Cate, Jennifer, Amy and Alison (Team Noggin)
Boston Brain Tumor Ride