Sunday, May 26, 2019

10K Done!

Gold Star Run for Honor 10K
Honoring CPL Scott J. Procopio of Saugus, MA
I had a relatively decent week with my training runs, joining Amy, Jennifer and Alison on Tuesday for a run in Wakefield, not far from our old house in Melrose. I managed to exceed my target on Tuesday with a 4.6 mile run, and meet Thursday’s target with another 4.5. I moved my Sunday long run to Saturday and ran the Scott J. Procopio Gold Star Run for Honor for the second time — this year running the 10K (6 miles) instead of the 5K. It wasn’t speedy by any means, but I did break my 5K PR in the process and finished the 10K at a 12/min mile, which I wasn’t disappointed in. I know my pace is slow but I’m chipping away at it little by little. Running isn’t my strength.