Friday, November 25, 2016

Fading Fall and Final Cyclopath Ride of 2016

Catching up on blog posts... it's been a while!!

10...9...8...7...6...5....... Smile everyone!!
We had a great turnout on November 12th for our season-ending breakfast and last Cyclopath get-together for 2016! THE PLAN was to meet for breakfast at Brother's Taverna and follow up with a bike ride after... but when does anything go according to plan with the Cyclopaths?! As it was hovering just over 32 degrees, I was the only rider amongst our fair-weather cycling friends.

OMG, they make me laugh.

It's hard to believe the season has ended but what a fun year we had! I did my best to keep things rolling this year, and initiated a dual-start option that turned out to be a great success. Sam would be pleased. Not only did it allow us to expand our route options and breakfast destinations beyond the same-old, same old, it created an opportunity to bridge the gap that had built over the years between the folks who wished to ride longer, faster miles with those preferring something shorter. (Considering the majority of our riders are now over 70, we're not riding much more than a 12 mph pace.)

A few of our many rides this summer included off-road trail rides to Boxford, a ride to Plum Island and breakfast at Mad Martha's (a first for several), the backroads of Ipswich, and a return Gloucester! (It had been a long time since we all went to Gloucester together!) We also went hiking!! Weather and temperatures permitting, I'll try and plan a few hiking and snowshoeing breakfast adventures this winter.

We had sunny skies for that last ride, but of course it was a solo venture for me. After sharing hugs and warm wishes with everyone, I headed out to Salem Willows and Winter Island for a cold, quick loop -- wrapping up year 42 of the North Shore Cyclopaths.

35 degrees on the final breakfast ride of 2016,
stopping at Winter Island