Monday, October 31, 2016

Mountain Bike Adventures with Rebecca

"Every time I see your feet aren't level
and your butt isn't out of the seat,
I'm going to shout 'bananas'.

There may come a time when I will be able to fly over roots, stumps and boulders on a rock-strewn downhill descent without crashing. Right now, though, I'm still landing hard on my ass almost every time.

Just adding to my collection of bruises.

MTB and CX pro Rebecca Gross was in the house for two weeks giving me as much guidance and coaching as she could possibly cram into me. OK. Got it. "Feet level on the pedals. Weight off the saddle. Look ahead to a happy spot. Keep those elbows bent. Don't look down. Don't brake. Really! DON'T BRAKE..."

That one is tough for me. As I forget to look ahead to a happy spot, and look down and see the massive rocks ahead of me on the trail, I tend to put the brakes on and down I go. Eeeesh. It's not easy.

"Every time you say 'I can't' or 'that's too hard',
I'm going to shout 'ketchup'."
I keep trying.

I get up.

I keep going.

But I have #bruisesonbruisesonbruises.

It was a bananas and ketchup kind of day.