Monday, October 10, 2016

End of Summer/Fall Arrives

Sunset behind the clouds at Coquina Beach, Florida
Beach walk, Coquina Beach, Florida

Wow. Is it really OCTOBER?? Hard to believe how quickly the last month has flown -- although so much has happened in the last 4 weeks, it's easy to see how I lost track of time. I headed down to Bradenton, Florida in mid-September to hang out with my father-in-law, Fred, recovering from heart surgery. We spent our days being active and walking, as he worked to rebuild his strength for the upcoming winter softball league. (Go, Fred!) I managed a few interval runs while I was there, although the heat and humidity killed me.

Rebecca Gross, Day One of KMC Cross Fest

Ben Gomez Villafane, Day Two KMC Cross Fest

Returning home for the first weekend in October, I discovered Fall had arrived while I was gone (!), and cyclocross season was upon us!! We were set to host former Vanderkitten CX racer Rebecca Gross for KMC Cross Fest, and made arrangements for Caro's younger brother, Ben Gomez Villafane (racing as a UCI Elite Junior) to stay with friends for the weekend. Plans shifted a bit when I returned from Florida -- with Rebecca opting to stay closer to the venue, and Ben needing transportation to Connecticut each day -- but it all worked out perfectly and I got to spend the weekend watching both of them race. Really fun! It was awesome to see Rebecca again, (she is returning to stay with us for GP Gloucester), as well as spend some time with Ben as we drove to/from the Thompson Motor Speedway each day. (Love him. Such a terrific young man.)

Fall has arrived!

Finally, this past weekend I was able to take advantage of my first free Saturday in a month to get out for a Cyclopath ride with the breakfast gang! There were only four of us for the ride on Saturday -- a consistent turnout this year. Our rides this season are coming to an end, the leaves are just starting to change and the air is crisp and cold -- my favorite time of year, although that sentiment is not shared on a chilly morning. Hopefully we'll squeeze in one or two more breakfast rides before wrapping up for the year.

Andddd.... Coffeeneuring started this weekend! If I get out there today, I'M IN for 5-7 more weeks. Better get on that.