Saturday, May 14, 2016

Running, Part 2

Just doing it.
Well, there really isn't a Part 1 -- It's just that I've tried to do this running thing before and couldn't get into a routine. (It was winter, the weather was cold, and I just didn't love it.) Part 2 means I'm making another GO at it.

Many of my dearest friends, (and of course my husband, Mike), are runners -- and all have encouraged me to join them at one time or another for various workouts and events. (Thanks Ingrid, Alison, Cate, Lila, Jennifer, Amy R., Nikki, Amy S, Kristen, Lisa...) I've always taken a pass, relegating myself to the sidelines, but recently have had a desire to give it another shot.

I started running May 1st as a week of rain settled in. I wasn't itching to get out on my bike anyway so it was a good time to start. Tomorrow wraps up Week 2, and I've been getting out consistently with encouragement from the fam. Chip has even joined me for a few runs, (of course). #partnerincrime

Rainy day. Chip slows down his pace to run with me.