Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 21, 30 Days of Biking, Breakfast Adventures with Chip

Me: Who wants to ride bikes to The Ugly Mug for breakfast?
Chip: Me. I'll go.
Will: No. I'm too tired.

3 minutes later... via text
Will: Can I go to Bagel World with Jeff?
Me: I thought you were too tired?
Will: Riding bikes to Salem and driving to Bagel World are different in difficulty.


Chip and I rode to The Ugly Mug for breakfast, but a power outage affecting the grid along Washington and Essex Streets left us scrambling to find an alternative. We hung out at The Ugly Mug for 15 minutes hoping the power would return, and then ventured over to Red's and a few other places until we ended up at Brother's Taverna. Chip ordered three massive Chocolate Chip Coconut pancakes and hot chocolate and then ditched our ride plans to loop the Willows after breakfast because he was too fullExhausted from eating.

Hahahahaha....pancakes will do that to you.