Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 1, 30 Days of Biking; Let's get the party started

A quick stop at Little's Point, looping through town

Today kicked off another year of 30 Days of Biking and fortunately the gray weather was in my favor as the rain cleared out early. Chip asked me to drop off a few baby photos at the school for his middle school yearbook -- which he forgot to collect at home -- so I chose several pics, dropped them off at the school, and returned home to kit up for my ride.

As I swallowed my last bit of coffee and prepared to head out on the bike, I took a glance at the photos still out on the kitchen counter and realized I'd dropped off photos of the wrong boy! Damn! (Seriously, those bald Cronin babies looked the same.) I wondered for a moment whether Chip would even notice... would he call me out on my parenting fail? I'm sure he'd just roll with it.

Still, I quickly chose a few new photos, slid them into my jersey pocket, and rode up to the school. I'm calling it the 30 Days of Biking Redemption Ride.

And Year Three is underway...