Thursday, March 31, 2016

Setting goals, switching things up, and 30 DAYS OF BIKING

Farewell March and winter.... hello April!

I am soooo excited for what's ahead this Spring/Summer/Fall...

I took a loooong necessary break from training after getting back from 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, and the time off the bike helped me set some objectives for the year and re-evaluate my approach towards meeting my goals. In some respects I'm taking a few steps backwards -- returning to what has worked for me in the past and letting go of what no longer does.

I'm back with trainers Christine Hopkins and Keli Howe -- the dynamic duo for muscle conditioning and cardio fitness. Christine and Keli hold me accountable when I start to slack off, motivate me when I need a boost, and care about my successes and failures. (I've missed that!) I'm looking forward to new workouts with both of them... (although I'm not looking forward to the pain).

I'm also excited for the rides I have planned this summer, including
  • Harpoon Point to Point with Chip, Rich, and some of the girls
  • Farm to Fork Fondo in Maine (with Alison)
  • EOD Ride in California (although, that's a soft commitment. Still TBD)
  • Krempels King of the Road Challenge
  • and several MTB adventures. (Really, it's the mountain biking I'm most excited about!)

First up, though, is 30 Days of Biking... the annual challenge to ride your bike every day in April, rain or shine, near or far, wherever the inspiration takes you. I'm starting the challenge with a week of dismal, wet, cold weather predicted here in New England, but eh, that's how April often goes. I'll still get it done. It's year three for me... I've got this.

This year's 30 Days of Biking challenge raises awareness and funds for the advocacy organization World Bicycle Relief. For every 2 riders pledged, $1 is donated to the cause -- a pretty cool deal.

Hooray for SPRING!