Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting things done, one step at a time

So many challenges. It's not easy sometimes to get past the obstacles, and would be so easy to just stop... but I am surrounded, (surrounded), by amazing friends who keep me moving along when doubts creep in. I'm so grateful for them.

I couldn't grasp the travel logistics to Tucson, even though I've done this before, and Ingrid subtly got me over that hurdle, though it was just the first of several obstacles to overcome.

Snow and cold... I've been riding through both... though fortunately we've had unseasonably warm weather this year, especially in light of the winter we had last year. (I haven't been on my snowboard all winter. My fear is I'd wipeout on the slopes and derail my race plans.) Still, the colder temps and gray days often make for shorter rides, and I haven't gotten a real feel for the Kona.

I planned to ship my bike through Fitwerx, and knew Marty would take care of it, but a timing issue on the other end meant I'd need to break down my 29er in Tucson, on my own, for the return trip -- and therefore need to know how to disassemble it myself. It seemed a difficult task, (more complicated than my road bike), until Jen and Amy and Alison gave me reassurances at breakfast on Sunday that I could do it -- and after watching several YouTube videos, I did it. My bike shipped yesterday.

BikeFlights is the shipping option I chose for sending my bike to Tucson -- primarily because they sponsor several athletes I know and they are a sponsor for 24HOP -- but their website has a few glitches that made the order process painful. It wasn't until I dropped the bike off at FedEx yesterday morning that I felt a little relief that I'm still moving forward.

The girls are keeping me honest with my workouts, Nikki and Amy have been my P2 support crew, the Vanderkitten squad keeps me inspired, and my 24HOP teammies, Michelle, Sandrine, Ami, Addie, and Shannon are really THE BEST.

And of course I've had huuuuuuggggeeee love and support from the boys and Mike, who try their damnedest to keep me sane when I go a little crazy. Love my men.

It's going to be a good time. I just have to ride.