Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride #2, Cheers to EOD friends

It was chilly this morning when I headed out for coffee -- and Ride #2 of the Coffeeneurring Challenge. Thinking of friends heading out for their second day of the EOD Undefeated Two Day Ride, I laughed at the extreme opposites between us. For me on the East Coast it was 55 degrees, (I needed arm warmers today), a 15 mile ride, with a coffee stop mid-way. (I grabbed my coffee to go from Jaho Coffee and Tea Shop and brought it to Winter Island). In contrast, friends Julia, Christina, Schreck, Tim, and Christine, (along with Matt, Jimmy, and Nancy), were riding on the West Coast in 100 degree temps, 100 miles, with a beer stop (or two) along the way. Hahaha... my ride was so tame in comparison.

Coffeeneuring Ride #2 was spent at Winter Island on Waikiki Beach... another gorgeous day.