Friday, October 16, 2015

Adventure Riding: Steer Swamp

This week I had a bit of cross training going on. My speed walks with neighbor Julie were derailed last weekend after she developed plantar fasciitis -- so I'm now on to Plan B, AKA the Tiffany Pezzulo Plan... walk a minute, run a minute for 2 miles, working up to a full 2 mile run over the next few weeks. Chippy joined me on Monday for my first run, and he was in charge of our timer. (OMG, So funny.) We eked out our two miles together, but shin soreness for the three days after kept me from running again this week. I'm riding the Krempels King of the Road Challenge on Saturday and didn't want to wreck myself for the ride. We'll get back to interval runs on Sunday.

Thursday was Adventure Day on the mountain bike, and I headed off to Steer Swamp to check out the trails. I should not have gone alone. It was just before dusk, the sun barely above the horizon, and my imagination got the better of me. I was freaked out by the giant "tick warning" sign at the entrance to the swamp, (I could just picture all of the ticks jumping out at me)... not to mention the humongous SPIDER WEB that stretched between two trees, (OMG)... and being alone in the quiet stillness of the forest, with the exception of the scratchy rattling sound that followed me for a while and sounded like a snake, even though I knew in my head that rattle snakes only live in the desert.... Aaaaaccckkkk!!!! Why did I think the swamp would be fun?!

I rode through the trails, getting slightly lost, realized the rattle snake was really a leaf caught in my wheel, walked some of the technical spots and climbs, until I eventually stumbled onto Black Joe's Pond. I used to skate there as a kid! From there, relieved that I knew the way out of the woods, I made it back to civilization.

Next time, I'm grabbing Chippy to go with me.