Friday, September 25, 2015

Richmond 2015? Impossible. Bergen 2017? I'm there!

(The Norwegian delegation in Richmond)

When friends looked into a bunch of us traveling to the UCI Road World Championships taking place in Richmond this week, it looked pretty daunting. The best accomodations were 2 hours away from Richmond, and the logistics of attending the events seemed impossible. Therefore, Operation Richmond 2015 was nixed.

So when my cousin Toril, (the director of communications for the Office of Sports, Business and Culture in the City of Bergen), headed to Richmond this week, as part of the delegation from Norway bringing the championships to Bergen in two years, I was a tad jealous... but not too jealous. Because being part of our close-knit family is pretty awesome already -- but especially awesome when she tells you to come to Bergen in 2017 and you will be her guest of honor for the championships... OMG. Dying. 

(Of course Chip will probably want to go, too.)

It's still two years away, but I'm so excited -- not only to see the championships in Bergen, but to spend time in Norway with family we love. (I must work on my Norwegian!)