Tuesday, September 8, 2015


A hot, hot, hot day for some trail riding fun! Chip and I headed to Lynn Woods yesterday on the mountain bikes, where I think we did more hiking than biking, but still had a blast. 

It's really hard to ride with Chip without laughing the whole time. He was the leader today, and decided we'd explore the "green trail". OMG, I think I carried my bike nearly the entire way up the trail. It was totally impassable by bike. 

Chip leads the way up the green trail

We hiked and rode and hiked some more -- exploring trails and challenging each other. Riding over the rocks and rough terrain reminded me I'm still a little sore from Saturday's spill... and I probably rode on my brakes a little more than usual because of it. Chip, meanwhile, careened over everything.

He has given me a new personal hashtag -- "#_dayswithoutwipeouts". Today was #1dayswithoutwipeouts. (And apparently it's important to stay grammatically incorrect here.) He then had me in giggles telling me about a whiteboard at the water park that read, "1 Days Without Disaster", with the number "1" written in marker.  Hahaha... just one day?!?! Hahahahahaha... 

So now he's keeping track of how many rides I can go without having a wipeout. Hence "#_dayswithoutwipeouts". Dying.

We only logged in about 4 miles today on the trails, but it was definitely a fun and challenging ride. So many laughs. Next time we're avoiding the green trail, though. Geeesh. That was tough!

I got this. No... not really.