Monday, August 10, 2015

Harpoon Point to Point

Chip loved his rider jersey and made this pic his screensaver
Ready to ride

Chip!!! Ohmigosh, he cracks me up. We had a GREAT time over the weekend riding the 25 mile route of the Harpoon Point to Point. It was Chip's first ride event and the longest mileage for him, but no kidding I think he could have handled the 50. He was strong! Rich joined us for the ride, (his third P2P), and both guys left me well behind on the hills -- the first on Back Mountain Road and the second on the dreaded three mile Brownsville-Hartland Climb. (I expected it.) For me, it wasn't my best Point to Point, and looking at my Strava stats I noted it took me 15 minutes longer to climb BHC this year. Ha!

On our drive home, Chip talked non-stop about the ride, and cycling in general, and how much fun he had. He's decided that cycling is his sport -- the way swimming is for Will, and tennis is for Zach -- and can't wait for another event. He made a plan for us to ride the P2P 50 next year and the 100 in 2016. Ambitious! It's a good thing I've restarted my training efforts, because I'm going to have to work hard next year to keep up with him. Seriously.
Chip's "selfie" of Team Cronin-Schalck at the start
The guys chose a shady spot next to some sheep
while waiting for me on a hill.