Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vacation Week in the Frozen Tundra

Brrrr... we're still in the deep freeze...

I'm obsessed with the frozen harbors in Marblehead and Salem. It looks and feels like we're living in ALASKA.

It's school vacation week, and Will's lifeguard certification test on Wednesday kept me from getting to my regular P2 class on time -- so my P2 workout pushed to Thursday this week instead. I missed my Wednesday gang, but got to ride with Jen (El-Sharif) on Thursday which was fun, (despite coach Jen M. being annoyed. I don't think she liked us chatting.) Jen has coached Will in swimming, and they keep in touch, so it was good to talk to her about some of the latest drama we've had to contend with from our charming 16 year old. (Like removing biohazardous materials from the school science lab to work on his experiments at home... OMG. What was he thinking? Jen's immediate response, "He's not. He's 16.") Will has managed to raise my anxiety level to an all-time high with some of his boneheaded actions, so it was good to ride and talk it out with Jen and get her perspective -- and though I didn't put in my strongest effort in the workout, and lacked energy from not eating enough, (and got called out for that) -- it was the kind of workout I needed. There are times when I just need to ride and chat with a friend... and with 9 feet of snow on the ground, I've been unable to really do that. (Plus no one wants to ride with me in 20 degree temps.)

Saturday morning (P2) homework club got busy with another long Sufferfest. (Two hours!) I came home from my workout this morning unprepared to help Mike chip away at ice dams on the roof. I'm trying to muster some energy.

 Twenty-seven days until Spring.