Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Wipeout

Our Sunday started off like the last few Sunday's this month... with snow falling and gray skies... but by 2 pm, the pavement was showing, (with help from a snow plow), and the sun was out! 37 degrees felt WARM, so I bundled up and headed out for a ride.

At this time of year, gloves and mittens suddenly go missing. Mine, (and I have several pair), were no where to be found. Hmmmm. Not wanting to lose my momentum, and it not being that cold outside, I grabbed Mike's glove liners that were on the table and headed out the door.

Big mistake! About five miles into my ride on the mountain bike, I slid on an icy turn and wiped out in slush, sand and gravel -- shredding Mike's gloves. Argh. Just a little wipe-out, but I did end up with bloody hands and one scraped knee from the slide. (I slammed my shoulder down hard, too, but didn't really feel it until the next morning.) I dusted myself off and continued on my ride, just happy to be out in the sunshine.