Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I headed to Houston on Friday to spend the weekend with RAAM soul sister Ingrid Hillhouse -- my first time in Texas! We had a lot of fun exploring the city, going to a few parties, (including one with country-western singer Robert Earl Keen, who is popular with the A&M grads), and of course some biking. Ingrid and I got a quick ride in on Saturday -- and I was able to do some MTB trail riding on Sunday while she ran a half marathon. (She is amazing.)

We had a great weekend and it was fun riding the mountain bike. I'd been going back and forth between picking up a mountain bike or cyclocross bike next Spring, (hard to decide which), and Shayne convinced me I'd prefer a CX bike. Riding the MTB proved he was right. (*sigh*. We won't tell him.) I never really got comfortable on the mountain bike, and the disc brakes took some getting used to. (I crashed once.) I was so concerned about alligator encounters on the trails, it was hard to concentrate on the bike handling. (Really, my imagination took over, and I swear there were alligators lurking on every trail. Hahahaha...) 

A great time in Texas.