Sunday, December 14, 2014

Getting Cold!

It's getting cold out there!! It was great to spend time in the mild weather of Houston last weekend, compared to the low 30s I was greeted with here in New England. We had a stormy start to the week -- and all of my workouts were indoors -- so it was good to see dry roads on Friday for a change. I met my friend Julie for an hour ride around Marblehead Neck and the perimeter of town, (down West Shore Drive), trying to make it work on Will's Lexa. (The seat was a bit low and I didn't have the tools to raise it. I should have done that before leaving the house.) The roads are getting worse with debris, so I'll be riding the Lexa more over the next few months, keeping the Domane indoors for the winter.

Busy week -- Christmas is coming -- and there's so much to do... but always good to get out for a ride.