Friday, October 24, 2014

Super Congrats to Ironman Jen El-Sherif

The powerful storm that hit us Wednesday and Thursday, with crazy winds and rain, kept my workouts indoors for a few days. I headed to the Y on Wednesday and P2 on Thursday, missing a small party to celebrate Jen El-Sherif's amazing Ironman Championship in Kona a week ago. I would have loved to have gone to the party... and a few people skipped P2 to go... but I know myself and know that once I start making excuses to skip P2, I'll never go. That's just how I am. I really need to stay firm in my commitments.

Of course midway through P2, with my heart rate soaring off the charts, I was asking myself why I wasn't at the party... Why was I torturing myself?! Arghhhh.

Congrats to Jen -- a phenomenal athlete, teammate and coach. I couldn't make the trip to Kona with the gang, but I was totally with everyone in spirit! Instagram and Facebook updates from Lila, Alison and Kristen kept me in the loop -- and while I sewed the "Welcome Home" banner (above) for Jen's return, I kept checking the athlete tracker online to see where she was at in the competition. So exciting. So impressive. Congrats, Jen!!