Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Farmer's Market

Today's ride was a chilly one, with cloudy skies and a touch of drizzle. I had a busy day ahead and didn't ride very far -- just enough to knock off my P2 homework before Chip's football game. At the end of my ride, I stopped at the farmer's market to pick up a few things... butternut squash, pears, maple syrup, apple cider, and a few onions... and then popped the squash in the oven to slowly roast on a low heat while I was at the game. (It was the last game of the season for Chip. Sadly, they didn't win.) 

When we got home, the house smelled sooo amazing. I finished the prep work for Roasted Butternut-Pear soup, and had it simmering in a pot in no time. Mmmmmm... sooooo good. Perfect for a fall day.