Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow. The weeks are flying!

My rides have been consistant, if not exactly fast, and I've been enjoying the waning days of summer. Last week, I headed out with Dr. Jeff at the last minute -- a little wary that I'd be able to keep up with him -- and ended up having a really great ride. I don't talk a lot on my rides -- I actually get really quiet, which several friends have noted over the years. As we rode along in silence, I apologized for not being very chatty, and he laughed and said, "You can learn a lot about a person just by the way they ride". I had no clue what he meant, until he said he noticed that when I came to a large hill, I didn't resign myself to the climb and take it slow, but dug deeper to tackle it, and I don't give up very easily. Hmmm... is he saying I'm stubborn? Hahaha... maybe that's true. After a while, I started to chat more and we laughed and laughed over crazy things. Who knew he was so funny? A great ride.

Saturday's Cyclopath ride was also great fun. Original Cyclopath Av Hammer joined us for the ride, (it had been a long time since his last ride!), and we chose to ride out to the Wenham Tea House -- one of his favorite destinations. The pace is a little more leisurely at the teahouse, but we had a terrific breakfast, and then meandered back through Wenham on the return to Salem.

Before saying our goodbyes, four of us headed out to Winter Island to remember Sam, who is soooo missed by all of us. A really great day.

I love our breakfast rides!