Monday, September 1, 2014

Trail Adventures with Chip, Part 2

Chip is always willing to go for a bike ride.

We're starting a new month, and my training with Shayne has been suspended for a while. Since I won't be getting Shayne's lovely coaching emails every morning, with long rides and intervals, (eeesh), I've decided to have fun in September with my rides and end the season the same way I started -- with a 30 Days of Biking challenge. It has to be easier in September than it was in April, right? (OMG. The snow! The rain! The winds! April was tough.)

To start the challenge, Chip and I headed down the trails through Marblehead and took a detour over to the beach. Feeling ambitious, he suggested we "loop the neck" too, which he'd never done before. We had such a blast! We stopped at the lighthouse out on the neck, (where he tried riding on the rocks), and then returned to Devereux Beach for iced tea (me) and ice cream (him). It was so much fun!! A great way to start the new month. Awesome.