Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 19: 30 Days of Biking, Quick Sunset

Well... the day got away from me today and my 30 Days of Biking challenge almost had its first derailment. I just didn't have the time (or energy) for a ride -- but at 6:30 pm, with daylight beginning to wane, I quickly hopped on my bike and headed down to the water to catch the sunset.

In reality, the sun doesn't set over the Atlantic here on the North Shore, (though we get spectacular sunrises). The sun actually sets to the southwest, between Boston and Salem. But, the colors in the sky near the ocean and down at the beach are gorgeous at sunset, and it's my favorite time of day.

It was a short jaunt today -- not even two miles in distance -- but it was further than the flashlight ride I took with the boys back in April. Hahaha.... Miles are miles.