Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 13: 30 Days of Biking, Orchard Stop

I overslept this morning after a hectic Friday, missing my Cyclopath breakfast ride out of Salem.

"No problem", I thought. "I have all day for my ride!!"

Hahaha.... "Noooooooo", said Mike. "Chip has a game later today." 


After downing a cup of coffee, I headed out to start my ride in Beverly -- which I've been doing lately to avoid the chaos of Salem. We had a cool, overcast day, with a strong wind, but I managed to make my way to Ipswich in decent time, stopping to pick up some honey at Russell Orchards. (And, well, I treated myself to a very non-paleo cider donut while I was at it). I had a head wind on the return trip but still got home in time to get Chip to Manning Bowl in Lynn for his game. (Mike was working today.)

Sadly, they lost, 42-7. Ouch.

Not a good week for the Blue. The varsity and JV lost as well.