Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hot Hot Hot!

Summer is definitely here... 85 degrees... 75% humidity... Hello, New England summer! Lately my rides have been a mish-mash of Shayne's training rides, shorter 12 mile loops with Will, (who's still getting used to clipless pedals), and some trail riding. I haven't been able to string together a consistent block of riding, but at least I'm getting out there. It feels forced lately -- but I'm doing it.

I've been boycotting my Garmin since it failed to record my hill ride last Thursday. (Yes. I'm stubborn that way.) I tackled the hill on Burpee Road, twice, and then hit the hills of Swampscott's "county streets" (Plymouth, Suffolk, Barnstable), before shooting over to Greenwood Ave. As I hit Greenwood, I took a look at the Garmin to check my mileage, and saw it had stopped for the second time that day. I hate that thing!

I shouted, "SHIT!", and looked up and saw a woman walking her dog not more than 10 yards away. I apologized profusely, explaining that my workout didn't get recorded on my Garmin, (even though I'm sure she had no clue what I was talking about), and she smiled and said, "That's o.k. honey. It's the workout that matters, honey." (She kept calling me "honey", even though we were probably the same age.)

She really didn't understand. I'd just spent 45 minutes climbing hills, and if it's not on Strava...

Arrrghhhhh!!!! I was so annoyed.

I realized over the weekend that I need a break. I've decided to give the Garmin and Strava a rest this week. It puts me in a grumpy mood when my gadgets quit on me, or the files are corrupted, or I can't find one of (now) five heart rate monitors. Or, if I don't like what I see, my mileage is down, my speed is down, and everyone else is out there having a great ride... and I'm just in a funk.

So this week is a No Garmin-No Rules-No Strava-Just Get Out And Ride week. I don't care where my training is at, if my speed is down, or if Joe did 75 miles on Sunday... (o.k., well, yes, that stings a little)... none of it. I'm just going to ride. Just ride wherever. And hopefully I'll find some of the fun that's been missing.