Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RAAM Crew: Shifts

As mentioned above, crew members will work in groups of 3 and will rotate through the vehicles in 8hr shifts. The 3 different shifts are:

Follow Vehicle: This vehicle/shift drives immediately behind the rider at their speed whenever permitted by the rules. (There are several sections and certain times of the day where direct follow is not permitted. The Follow vehicle then provides leap frog support.) The people in the follow vehicle are responsible for navigating the rider through the course, providing nutrition to the rider, providing gear/equipment to the rider, (dealing with flat tires, clothing changes, medical attention, etc.), and helping to motivate the rider through 2-way radio, or external music system. The night follow shift, (which I'm on), will also help orchestrate the rider's sleep breaks (2-3 hrs/night).

Errand Vehicle: This vehicle/shift does errands for the entire crew -- stocking up on supplies, buying hot meals for the crew, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. As time permits, they also help the follow vehicle with navigation by leap-frogging the rider and helping to mark turns, as well as provide encouragement for the rider from the side of the road. They also step in to do direct follow for short periods of time as needed, to allow the follow vehicle to get gas or orchestrate shift changes, etc.

Sleep Vehicle: This vehicle/shift is the sleep shift -- occupants either sleep in the van or find a nearby hotel to take their sleep break. They are then responsible for getting to the next crew exchange point at the next shift change.

(Note: Jeff, Sonya and I are on the following schedule, based on Eastern Standard Time. Follow: 9pm-5am; Errand: 5am-1pm; Sleep: 1pm-9pm.)

Crewing RAAM will be difficult, and at times exhausting -- emotionally, mentally, and physically. It requires a steadfast commitment to teamwork -- which I'm confident our crew has. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of this adventure!