Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 30: 30 Days of Biking. Got it done.

Today was going to be tough. I looked outside the window this morning to a steady rain and kept wondering how the day would unfold -- Would I be able to squeak in a ride between showers? It wasn't an exciting prospect.

Luckily, I heard from Julie H. after making the school drop-offs, asking if I wanted company this morning for my final day of the challenge. Ummm... YES! Like you had to ask?! Jules had a short window to ride, but under threatening skies, it wasn't a problem for me. Any ride, any distance would do.

We headed out to Salem Willows, stopping by Sam's beach on Winter Island along the way. It seemed only fitting, wearing my Vanderkitten jacket, and riding with a Spider, that I would include a Cyclopath on my final day. It was a quick ride to Salem and back -- about 12 miles -- and 30 Days of Biking came to an end. (A little sad...)