Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14: 30 Days of Biking, Manchester and Essex

I'm taking the bad with the good today. I got a late start to my ride this morning after I managed to get a flat tire less than a mile from the house. (Sigh.) Rather than change the tube on the side of the road, I walked my bike back to Beach Bluff, changed the inner tube, and took the opportunity to install new tires! I have new Clement Strada LGGs from Vanderkitten sponsor Clement Cycling. I love them! (And the best part was, I installed them myself. Yay! (Credit to Shayne for teaching me how to change my flats like a pro.)

Re-energized from my tire success, I headed up to Manchester, feeling good and flying along pretty quickly. I made it up to Singing Beach in no time -- stopped to take a photo -- and decided to head out to Essex and Ipswich for more miles. Unfortunately, those southwesterly winds that were in my favor heading north were brutal on the ride home. The winds picked up at noon, with 40 mph gusts (no exaggeration), and really hammered me. It took tremendous effort to get home and I'm feeling pretty battered tonight. Ouch.