Monday, March 31, 2014

Cuppow to the Rescue

Today I decided to try the Amazing Grass/Amazing Meal 'Cafe Mocha' plant-based energy drink... (one of the goodies I received a week ago in my RUNspiration rizebox ). Well, the drink seemed easy enough to make -- just add the contents of the envelope to a milk-product and blend. (Being non-dairy, I chose almond milk.) The mix blended well and I poured the smoothie over a few ice cubes. (It looked a little greenish for coffee, but whatever...)

Well, I couldn't even swallow it. The first sip had me stunned, and I wasn't even exactly sure what it tasted like... so I took a second sip and wow. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't swallow. OMG. WHYYYYYY????!!!!! What a mean thing to do to in the name of coffee! I poured the entire drink down the drain.

Feeling my taste buds violated, I rinsed out the blender and made a quick banana-almond milk smoothie for relief -- and gave it a little hug in it's Cuppow-covered jar. Ahhhh... comfort.

Banana Smoothie To-Go. Love my Cuppow.

I love my Cuppow lid -- a sweet little cover that turns a canning jar into a travel mug -- and a few folks have commented on it. So to end this post on a positive note, here are a few of my favorite things about this nifty little topper.
  1. The lid is so simple to clean.
  2. I have dozens of canning jars -- (you know I do) -- so I almost never run out of a clean glass.
  3. The jars are easy to wash and can go right in the dishwasher.
  4. They kinda fit in my water bottle cage, so I can take my smoothies to go. (Better on the Lexa than the Trek)
  5. It makes my to-go cup environmentally friendly, and contents can be hot or cold
  6. Dunkins doesn't mind filling it.
  7. I don't need a straw for my smoothie and the straw-tek opening is big enough to suck the fruit through. (Sometimes with a strong suck.) Note: not all of my Cuppow lids have the wide opening.
  8. The boys call it my sippy cup.
  9. I never spill my tea or coffee when I take it to bed. (Important.)
  10. It looks like I'm drinking moonshine all day.
So there you go... Thumbs DOWN for the Amazing Grass, Thumbs UP for Cuppow.