Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brookline Redux

Saturday's ride took me back to Brookline, following a similar route to last weekend's Firefly Adventure Team launch. The pace wasn't as quick starting out, giving me a better chance to tackle some of the hills, and I had a good 40ish mile ride with new bike friends Jesse and Kate. (Plus two other riders, Chris and Adam, who rode on for more miles when the three of us looped back). It's quite a hilly course out to Dover -- and definitely more challenging than my rides along the coast -- but it was a decent ride and I was able to enjoy some breaks of sun before the overcast clouds settled in and the rain began.

April arrives in two days... and my 30 Days of Biking Challenge begins! The wet weather we've had over the weekend should move on out tomorrow, giving us a decent start to the month. Yay! I'm ready for a new month!