Thursday, December 5, 2013

Slow Start on the Tri

I kicked off my second go-around with the Tri inside the Y Ironman Challenge on Monday, which last year at this time kept me at the gym though December, burning off the gingerbread cookies. I forgot how difficult the rowing can be. My arms are a bit heavy today!

The tri runs for 4 weeks and includes 112 miles of biking, (which I knocked off pretty quickly last year); 26.2 miles of running (not my strength); and either 50,000 meters of rowing or 2.4 miles of swimming. I again chose rowing over swimming, as it's easier to get into a routine and wrap it up -- either bike/row or run/row -- in 90 minutes. If I tried to add pool time to my workout, I'd never get it done.

Today I hit the bike for 20 miles and added another 3,000 meters of rowing... but I have yet to start running. I have a feeling the running is going to haunt me this year! I'll get on it tomorrow.