Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Falling Behind on my Tri Challenge

So Not Pro
Shayne was absent for today's P2 workout, so coach Brandi Dion stepped in as our sub. It was actually a really tough workout, but a lot of fun too, and I gave it my full effort. (It helped that I ate breakfast beforehand.)

I've been watching the numbers creep upwards on the scale since I stopped actively training in mid October, so I've been trying to cut back on calories, (I'm just not burning through them like I used to) -- but I've also learned my lesson on what happens when I don't fuel my workouts -- it's just a waste of time. Today I grabbed a banana and an apricot energy bar before heading out the door. It definitely helped.

I've had an active week so far with muscle conditioning and getting some running done towards my tri. I'll probably finish my bike portion of the challenge by the end of the day Friday, three weeks early... but the running is killing me... and I still have a ton of rowing to do. It's not looking good!