Friday, November 29, 2013

The Winter Frostbite Ride Returns!

It's that time of year again... when I try and convince my fellow Cyclopaths, (sometimes successfully) that it really isn't too cold to ride!

There's been a big gap between our regular Saturday morning Cyclopath rides, (which pretty much ended around Halloween), and our Frostbite rides, (which last year kicked off in December). At this point, Ethan and I are the only ones riding, but I know I can rally a few crazy kids, (Ed? Susan? Anne?), for a winter ride.

Winter riding rules apply. Brutal cold (ie, below 30 degrees), or bitter wind chill, cancels the ride. Excessive snow and ice will cancel as well. If the snow plow had to clear the streets on Friday, it's likely that Saturday is a "no go" for riding — but that's open for debate. (Ethan has a single speed and will plow through anything.) We'll skip our traditional breakfast and head out for a quick coffee break instead, allowing enough time to warm up without cooling down.

Rides will be short, (Wenham, Manchester), and under 30 miles, (departing Salem at 8 a.m.) I wonder how many Cyclopaths are up for the adventure...