Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Undefeated EOD Ride -- The Last Word

Taking a break before Torrey Pines, Day 2 of the EOD Ride

Final thoughts on the Undefeated EOD Ride, and then I'll move on...

My sincerest thanks to all of my sponsors in this ride. My total fundraising, (including check donations not tracked online), came to $4,360. Wicked awesome. I know I pushed my fundraising limits this year and took on a few too many rides, but you really came through for me on this one. (I promise to give you all a break next year.) Thank you from my heart.

Not forgotten in any of this was Sgt. Julian Clement Chase, for whom I rode in memory of during the ride. I hope this ride to support his wounded brothers and sisters and their families honored his memory.

For my new friend Tim Brown, who I enjoyed getting to know and look forward to riding with in the spring, (I will go down to Maryland), I am driving my boys crazy every time they show an ounce of laziness. (Boy #2: "I'm too tired to put away the laundry. Can't I do it tomorrow?" Me: "What do you mean by too tired? Tim just finished the Detroit marathon. What have you done?" Hahahaha...) Tim, my friend, you are an amazing guy.

Julia and Jim, Schreck and Tim, you are THE BEST. And Christina... I will see you in Boston, April 21, 2014. Six months will go fast.

Congratulations to all of the riders and volunteers, especially Jordan, Michael, Chris and Tim... it was an honor to ride with all of you.