Wednesday, October 23, 2013

P2. If it was easy, they'd call it 'spinning'.

I was back at it this morning, grinding it out at P2 and wondering why I'm torturing myself. My bike was still in California yesterday, (now on it's way to Fit Werx), so I had to slog it out again on the Lexa. No fun for me. I haven't been on the bike since October 13th, and coach Shayne didn't cut me any slack -- but he did get me a new SpiderOne Racing jersey, so all is forgiven. (Hahaha.) He promises I'll be a stronger rider in the spring... but I really need an end game to keep at it. Now that the EOD ride is behind me, I have nothing to focus on, and I don't do well without goals.

The heat kicked on this morning... brrrrrrrr... and I'm wondering again... why we aren't living in Southern California?