Monday, September 23, 2013

In the Wake of Saturday's Tragedy

I'm having a tough time getting over Saturday's accident in Hampton. The timing of it, knowing my group and I had just crossed the bridge less than a minute before... (exactly 50 seconds according to Strava and Garmin records)... hearing the sound of a car braking hard on the other side of the bridge, (now doubtful it was the driver's)... and locking eyes with a police officer as we both turned and looked back towards the bridge -- but not knowing what happened on the other side of the rise... and then later in the ride, learning two North Shore women had died while two other cyclists were in the hospital. It's all so surreal.

I'm trying to shake it all, but I'm really sad. It's hard trying to keep it all together and stay strong in a house of boys that don't often know how to deal with a teary mom. I'm looking at my bike wondering how I'm going to ride it tonight -- how to keep it all going. I know I need to stay focused and remind myself why I'm doing this, but I gotta say, it's been tough.