Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Somber Week

This was a hard week, and I'm grateful to the many friends and family and teammates who reached out and helped me shake off the aftermath of last Saturday's Seacoast Century. (Hard to believe it was a week ago.) Knowing how close I was to the accident, (50 seconds), and learning more about the driver involved, brings mixed emotions -- but mostly I'm just sad for Pamela Wells and Elise Bouchard, who senselessly lost their lives last weekend, and for their families left behind. It's deeply sad.

My rides this week were slow and steady. I tried to move past the weekend tragedy by meeting SpiderOne for our Monday night ride, but it was just too soon. I started shaking at each intersection we came to, and I ended up quitting halfway through. Tuesday was a little better, as Julie H. and Heidi R. and I looped around Marblehead at an easy pace -- and Ethan got me out for a ride on Friday, (again just easy going). Both rides were needed to clear my head. Today's Cyclopath ride was really just a social ride, (and we didn't ride far), but it was good to connect with some of the others. I'll get my mileage done on Sunday. Sometimes you just have to keep on moving.