Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I kept telling everyone that the sun at
our backs was a bad idea... but they
wanted the ocean in the background.
The same ocean we see every single
day. Ha, ha, ha. Typically Cyclopath.
After a slow start to the week, with several of my rides ditched because of rain and sports conflicts, I still ended up with a 100 mile weekend, with a casual 35 mile Cyclopath ride Saturday and a 70 mile SpiderOne ride on Sunday. Not a bad way to end the week.

Our Saturday Cyclopath breakfast ride took us up to Manchester -- not too far -- but always nice, as the Beach Street Cafe was very welcoming and pulled together a few tables to seat us all. The air was crisp on Saturday, and fall is definitely in the air.

After saying goodbye to the Cyclopaths, I ran into Joe coming back from his ride with Velo de Mer (out of Marblehead Cycle). Joe was at mile 63 at the time, and when he asked me how many miles I'd done, (twenty-four), replied, "That's it?" (Ooohh... so mean!) We parted ways as he and a few riders headed towards Marblehead, down Lafayette, while I meandered the loopy back streets up to Salem State. I then ran into him again at the final intersection we cross before heading into Swampscott. I joined him and another rider for the stretch down Humphrey Street, and turned off at Beach Bluff Ave. At that point, I was feeling a bit unsatisfied with my under 30 mileage, knowing Joe would finish at 68, so I passed my house, waving to the LAX net in my yard that hasn't seen much action lately, and continued on to do a loop of Marblehead neck. It was just a few more miles... but I felt a little less lazy after that.