Friday, September 6, 2013

Ooooh A Chilly One!

It was nice to see the sun today and get out for a ride -- but WOW -- who turned down the thermostat?!! Brrrrrr..... (And I hear they have high temps and humidity out in San Diego. Go figure.) I must say I loved putting on my cozy Pactimo cycling tights for today's ride. I just love them.

I took a quick hour spin just to loosen my legs before the weekend. The last few days of rain, combined with our still-unsettled schedule, left me hanging for a few days and I didn't get a ride in. (Thursday's spin class with Keli was the only workout I had until today.) My ride around the neck was nice and easy, although a bit brisk. I made the mistake of leaving the house without any money on me -- even though I was reminded yesterday that I should always carry a dollar bill in my saddle bag. (Ethan blew out a sidewall in his tire yesterday, and could have used a dollar bill to plug the hole to get him home. He ended up calling his daughter for a rescue.)

I didn't get a blowout today, but kept passing a group of boys selling lemonade on my loop of Marblehead Neck. I passed those kids three times... and each time they called out to me, asking me to buy their lemonade. I didn't have a stitch of money on me. (Even after Ethan's reminder just yesterday!) I felt so bad! I ended up skipping the fourth and fifth loop because I didn't want to pass those kids again. (For real!) I'm adding a single to my bag right now...