Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Post-PMC Fun

Will, feeling confident at 4:30 am
Pan Mass Challenge 2013 is in the books. I can say that this year's ride was pretty solid, and made up for last year's sorry state of affairs. It was only my second time riding the Sunday route with Will, and there were a few moments during the weekend that I missed riding the original 2 day ride, but I wouldn't trade Sunday's ride for any of my previous PMCs. Will and I certainly have our moments... and the argument we had just ten minutes from the finish that left our fellow Cyclopaths snickering as they took off like a shot... that was just classic. The pace was too fast for him -- and had been all day -- and I knew it and didn't let up. Because you all know the kid didn't cut me any slack last year as I rode that PMC with my hand in a cast! Ha, ha, ha... no mercy, right?

So one more photo of Will... in his skirt... because I just can't get enough of reliving that moment. Love this kid.