Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to the Bike

SpiderOne coach Shayne Gaffney
PMC 2013 MMA finish
PMC is over... but a Harpoon Point to Point, Seacoast Century and Undefeated EOD Ride are still on the calendar! I was back on the bike on Monday for a post-PMC recovery spin to flush out my legs, and a short workout Tuesday morning. (I left the Garmin at home.) Last night I took a fun break to watch Shayne race in the Witches Cup in Salem. Go, Coach!

Today's workout in the rain was not fun. Ethan pushed me a little... and gave me the "Suck it up, Buttercup" look and tried to convince me that it was only "spritzing" out. We headed over the Nahant causeway to loop the island, and were joined by fellow spider Julie Haynes who pushed it even more. That girl is strong! The two of them really flew on this rainy morning, and I gave into peer pressure and stuck on them for a loop out to Marblehead Neck as well -- when I really just wanted to cruise over to the Ocean House Surf Shop for a cup of coffee. I hate the rain.