Saturday, June 29, 2013

Radar? What's that?

It's now Saturday, 6:20 a.m.. I checked the doppler radar this morning and it showed a break from the rain, and despite the predictions of more showers to come, the roads were dry, so I got ready to head out for a Cyclopath ride. I could hear the fog horn in the distance, indicating the air must be heavy and still, as I don't usually hear it on foggy mornings... but fog is better than rain. At 6:00 a.m., though, I started getting emails from Cyclopaths opting out of the ride. Huh?!... and then... I heard it... THUNDER, and the pitter patter of rain. Damn! Double damn!

Yesterday, I missed a planned ride to Gloucester and Rocky Neck with two other riders. (The rain has really put a crimp in my week.) Like this morning, there appeared to be a gap on the radar showing a clearing in the weather. As I opened the door to the boy's room to let the dog out, Will looked up briefly from his pillow, saw me in my cycling kit and chuckled, "You're such an optimist, Mom." Unfortunately, 30 minutes later, the rain was falling steady and I ended up at the gym for a few hours. (It cleared by mid afternoon, but at that point, I'd already worked out at the gym.)

The radar shows rain only on the South Shore and Islands... stupid, useless radar. It's raining here on the North Shore, too! Arrrggghhhh!! I'm going crazy with this weather.