Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brrrrrr... It's Cold!

Typical New England weather. Last week's glorious tease of Spring made this week of dark clouds, fog, drizzle, hail and cold rain seem endless. Doesn't it feel like winter is hanging on? Not only are the Bruins still playing, (yaaay!)... I'm tempted to put the heat back on, (boooo!).

Despite my training plan for the week, the wet weather forced me to take a few of my workouts indoors. Today, with our Cyclopath ride cancelled, I took a chance at getting into a spin class during the boys' swim team practice at the Y. (There is typically a lengthy waitlist for weekend spinning, so my odds at getting a bike were slim.) After I mentioned to the instructor that I was on the waitlist, fellow rider, Jack, offered me his bike if I didn't get into the class! (It was such a sweet gesture -- Thanks, Jack!) Fortunately, I did squeak off the waitlist -- so he and I both had a good workout. It wasn't what my coach had in mind for this week, but I did the best I could. I think the sun returns on Monday.

Update 5/26: Ellen and Cape Cod Mike (CCM) received snow last night in Laconia! Crazy!